"Quality is the highest form of respect for the customer"

Paraphrasing the maxim of Michele Ferrero, Masca puts in every aspect of its activity scrupulous attention to every detail to get to offer its customers a product and a service that transmit a clear message of quality and recovery of those values and originality that make Made in Italy something unique and magical.


The bag, sporty or elegant, tiny or capacious, is an excellent promotional vehicle.

There is no more viral physical communication vehicle than a bag. It passes from hand to hand, travels all over the planet and at all times the images, logos and messages that it conveys are there for all to see.
Masca Progetto Borsa for 30 years believes in the communicative potential of the bag and for this it realizes and designs tailor-made for every type and for every type of customer.

Our mission

The team shares the company's vocation: offering the best of Italian taste in terms of material, design and style, declining it as an offer aimed at satisfying the client's needs and corporate image.             

Aware that the price is not everything but that often determines the marketing strategies of the company, Masca Progetto Borsa, directly managing and controlling the entire production cycle, offers the right compromise between quality and price.

The name of your brand or product can get anywhere

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Il colore dell’anno 2020.

Si tratta di un blu, un Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052), ed è una tonalità che l’intero mondo creativo (moda, cosmesi, design, arredamento, grafica) s...



É arrivata la nuova palette Pantone colori moda primavera estate 2020, composta da 8 colori, per creare look sempre impeccabili e attuali.